Counselling & Psychotherapy Services
(Offered in English and Spanish)


Get emotional support and guidance while safely expressing your concerns, sorrows, frustrations, and issues negatively impacting your life.

Areas of focus:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Hopelessness

  • Panic attacks


  • In person

  • Virtual (Zoom)


Safely discuss your life-transition process and experience. Get emotional support and guidance while working together on finding direction and carving your new path. 


Areas of focus:

  • Separation & divorce

  • Communication dynamics

  • Family issues

  • Other life changes



  • In person

  • Virtual (Zoom)


Privately discuss workplace issues, concerns, and frustrations. Brainstorm possible solutions and scenarios for decision making.

Areas of focus:

  • Career planning

  • Fear & anxiety at work

  • Employment issues

  • Life-changing decisions


  • In person

  • Virtual (Zoom)


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